D.Tin Woodman Limited edition
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 Human body
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  • Product : Tin Woodman Limited edition
  • Type : PO-11 Limited edition
  • Including : Head & Tin Body, Hat, Ax, Heart shaped heart part
               14mm Acrylic eyes (random color)

               Doll box, cushion, certificate card


    * We present the 14mm IRIS eyes(randomed colour), a doll prop and a normal skin head as a gift if you order Tin Woodman gift edition in EVENT period. 

    • Event period : Nov. 30th 2011 ~ Dec. 20th 2011 (Korean Time)
  • Skin color : Off-white
  • Option : additional body(ver.2.0, normal skin colour)
  • selling period : Nov. 30th 2011 ~
  • Shipping date : Shipping will be processed by orderly (since your payment is finished)  


  • Please visit the pipos manuals(main page) for more information of size.
  • The tin body means not made by "TIN". It's tin looked body.
  • The tin body is its own parts. (You can not attach on normal body.)
  • The tin woodman's head part's front part is human looked but the back part is tin looked mold.


  • The face-up in the images could be slightly different from the actual product.
    -It may slightly look different due to screen resolution or characteristics of manual work.
    -We do not take make-up change.
    -We do not take claims about these reasons.
  • If it’s possible, had better to avoid that exposure too much time to the sunlight.
  • The Tin body's painting is matt finished. So, the surface is very strong. (It's not easy to yellowed, bleached or whitening.) But it could take off if you unfold or bend the joints by force too much.
  • This doll could have the gate lines. (By reason of this, exchange or refund is not possivle and please refer to.)
  • The props and other including are not included which are not noticed.
  • Payment method : paypal [pipi7814@naver.com]
  • After making payment for your order, cancellation won't be accepted.

    Manufacturer by Pipos