Dark Alice Limited edition (open eyes)
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  • Product : Dark Alice Limited Edition (open eyes head)
  • Type : PO11 Limited Edition
  • Including : Head(opened eyes or half opened eyes) & Body & A pair of human hand, feet (assembled)
               Wig, Maryjane shoes(black color)

               Make Up artist Johann
               Moi atelier Limited Dress set

               14mm IRIS Eyes (for opened eyes), 12mm (for half opened eyes)
    Doll box, cushion, certificate card
  • Dark Alice body is different from previous PO11 body.
  • Skin color : Off-White

[selling plan]

Here's the notice about selling plan for this time limited dolls which have extremely limited numbers.
Below dolls will be sold in draw for winners(pre-selling).

1. Limited Dolls (quantity limited)

- Mecy Limited Edition (2sets in worldwide)
- Roo Limited Edition (2sets in worldwide)

2. Alice in Nightmare re-releasing

- Alice limited edition (half open eyes) (2sets in worldwide)
- Alice limited edition (open eyes) (2sets in worldwide)
- Dark cheshire (4sets in worldwide)
- Dark rabbit (4sets in worldwide)

Pre-selling starts : Sep. 6th 2011 PM:10(Korean time)
Pre-selling ends : Sep. 7th 2011 PM:10(Korean timme)

Announcement : Sep. 10th 2011 (Korean time)

- We'll send the e-mail to the winners.
- Please pay the price within 3 days.
- The order will be canceled if you don't pay within 3 days.
- A layaway payment is not possible.

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E-mail address : pipi7814@hotmail.com

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  • A dark alice doesn't use jointed body(devided chest, stomach and pelvis) like previous PO11.
  • A opened eyes head and a half opened eyes have different make-up style.



  • The face-up and eyes in the images could be slightly different from the actual product.
    -It may slightly look different due to screen resolution or characteristics of manual work.
    -We do not take make-up change.
    -We do not take claims about these reasons.
  • If it’s possible, had better to avoid that exposure too much time to the sunlight.
  • The fabrics and accessories could change when it's sold out.
  • Fot the characteristics of colored resin, some marbling can appear. And it could have the gate lines. (By reason of this, exchange or refund is not possivle and please refer to.)
  • This doll could have the gate line.
  • The props and other including are not included which are not mentioned.
  • Payment method : paypal [pipi7814@naver.com]
  • After making payment for your order, cancellation won't be accepted.

    Manufacturer by Pipos
    Make-up by Johann
    Outfits by Moi atelier

    Eyes by IRIS