2007 Heero Basic
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▶ Heero Basic

One day, a little fairy came into a house and she said,

"I'll give a seed to you."
This seed will be blossomed into a very secial flower by your love.

After she left, few days passed.
'Toc toc...' I woke up to strange sound.
And there were little white kitty^^

"Hello~kitty, Who are you? Where are you from?"
"I'm from your special seed which was little fairy given to you."
"You're such a special flower. Grant. I'll give you a name ^^
You really look like snow white flower. Heero! From now on~ this is your name."

" Heero?!  Yep!  My name is Heero from today^^ "


1. Included

  Head(select1) & Body & Cat hands and feet (assembled), Acrylic eyes (16mm, random color), doll box, cushions, certificates 


ª        Manufacturer by Piposdoll

ª        Make-up by : Piposdoll


[Baha size]


  Height :  21cm (include ear length)
  Weight : 185g
  Width of shoulders : 4.5cm
  Length of arm : 8cm
  Length of shoulder to wist : 5.8cm
  Girth of neck : 6cm
  Girth of chest : 10.5cm
  Girth of waist : 10cm
  Length of back : 5cm
  Girth of hip : 15cm
  Length of leg : 8cm
  Length of waist to ankle : 8.4cm
  Foot size : 3.3cm