Outfit N3(PIPOS33_35Body)
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Product :Outfit N3(PIPOS33_35Body)
Type :PIPOS33/PIPOS35 Outfit

Includings: Individually purchased clothes
Shipping : needs 20~30 days (It could be delayed when the fabrics and accessories are sold-out.)

This is an individual purchase. You can purchase the top and bottom separately, or you can purchase a full set.
Costume for PIPOS33 or PIPOS35 body. Compatible with Paola Reina size.
This costume is 100% made by a Korean company.
Clothes manufacturing Nine9
Payment method : paypal [pipi7814@naver.com]
After making payment for your order, cancellation won't be accepted.
The color in the images could be slightly different from the actual product.
-It may slightly look different due to screen resolution or characteristics of manual work.

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