wigs parts (black)
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Product name: Wing parts (black)

Type name: Optional parts

 Sales period: October 14 - November 10

Included: 1 pair of wing parts & magnet

Production and delivery period: 10 to 15 days (excluding weekends and public holidays)

Size: Width 7cm * Height 4.3cm

* This size best matches USD size. please refer to this.

* This product is an optional part. The wing parts are attached by arbitrarily attaching a magnet to the body (ex. fixing with masking tape).
* A magnet that can be attached to the body is included, but masking tape or materials required for attachment are not included.
* Black (painted) parts are black painted parts. There may be some traces of black.
* Colors may look different depending on the monitor.
* Due to the nature of production, there are putting lines and bubbles. Please note that refunds and exchanges are not possible for these reasons.

*Payment method : paypal [pipi7814@naver.com]