Charlotte Eyes
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* PIPOS “Charlotte exclusive” eyeballs
A deeper pupil makes charlotte's dimentional face more stunning. 
You can create various mood depends on eyeball's directions.

Size  : 16mm * 8mm

             Iris size: 9mm

* Color details

Sky Blue : motif on the clear sky 

Jade Blue : motif on the jade sea

Shipping date : 40 working days

* Caution
1. This eyecalls are made only for anthro dolls. So it loose the focus when you put this eyeballs on human type dolls. 
2. The eyeballs are made manullay. It could have bubbles, dust and size differences.
3. It may slightly look different or color differences due to screen resolution or characteristics of manual work. 
4. This doll could have the gate line and surface could untidy since the doll coated by urethane.
5. If it’s possible, had better to avoid that exposure too much time to the sunlight.