Mariko Cat(pink) 
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Product : MARIKO CAT(Pink)

Type : PVC material doll

20% discount does not include doll box.


  • Including : PVC doll 
  • Skin color : Pink skin
  • Make-up option : Make-up(1, 2, 3)



  • The face-up in the images could be slightly different from the actual product.
    -It may slightly look different due to screen resolution or characteristics of manual work.
    -We do not take make-up change.
    -We do not take claims about these reasons.
  • If it’s possible, had better to avoid that exposure too much time to the sunlight.
  • The props in the pictures are not included which are not mentioned.
  • For the characteristics of making process, dust, air bubbles or scratches may appears.
  • Due to the different making process, PVC material dolls have different quaility from resin(BJD) dolls. Also it's softer than resin dolls.
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Manufacturer by Pipos








Height : 19cm (included ear length)

Girth of chest : 8.0cm
Girth of waist : 7.5cm
Girth of hip : 10.5cm
Foot size : 2.1cm