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  • Product : Majestic Ethan
  • Type : Majestic Edition
  • Including : Head & Body & A pair of hand and feet(assembled)
    16mm eyes (PIPOS Delight Eyes)
    Doll box, certification card
  • Skin colour : normal / off white/ pure white
  • Option 1. Make-up or No make-up (Body make-up is only for the photos.)
  • Shipping date : 70 days after full-payment confirmed




  • You can buy the wig or shoes in outfit category which are included.
  • The props(stethoscope, mes) in the pictures are not included which are not mentioned.
  • The face-up in the images could be slightly different from the actual product.
    -It may slightly look different due to screen resolution or characteristics of manual work.
    -We do not take make-up change.
    -We do not take claims about these reasons.
  • If it’s possible, had better to avoid that exposure too much time to the sunlight.
  • Fot the characteristics of colored resin, some marbling can appear.(By reason of this, exchange or refund is not possivle and please refer to.)
  • Payment method : paypal []
  • Layaway method : paypal []
  • After making payment for your order, cancellation won't be accepted.
  • Manufacturer by Pipos



【 PIPOS Majestic-Ethan Size 】


Height : 65cm

Girth of head : 22cm

Girth of neck : 10cm

Width of shoulders : 12cm

Length of shoulder to wist : 19cm

Length of elbow : 10cm

Length of back : 13cm

Girth of chest : 28cm
Girth of waist : 21cm
Girth of hip : 26cm(A.body) 25.5cm(B.body)

Length of waist to ankle : 39cm(A.body) 39.5cm(B.body)

Length of waist to knee : 21cm(A.body) 21.5cm(B.body)
Length of Knee to ankle : 18cm

Girth of ankel : 7cm

Foor size : 8cm 

Eyes Turquoise blue

Eyes Lime Green

Eyes Brown grey

Ned Head Parts


Majestic Ned