MARS Hyeon Head75 TAN SKIN
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Product: MARS Hyeon Head75 TAN SKIN
Type: Mars Heyon head parts

Hyeon head parts (sales from 10th March. to 17th March.)
-SD head for 75cm tall body 
-Recommand 8-9 inches wigs and 14/4~14/5 eyeballs

✔️Hyeon 75cm tall body >> PIPOS75 Mars,ID75 fits for ~13cm neck sized body (PIPODOLL/ID75)
✔️Same as Piposoll butterrum skin color / compatible with ID75 bronze skin and YC DOLL tan skin is acceptable.(Please refer the attached pictures. It looks similar in pictures. Also the color difference is not bad in real.) Due to characteristics of mixing colors, it's to hard to 100% match with other company's skin color. Every dolls could have color difference between times even it's made by same company.

✔️ Please keep the clear photo card in the cookie jar when you buy the head. This is the certification card for your head which specify head name and issue date by hand writing.
✔️ To open the head parts, hold the cap of the head parts up and pull it back.
The head parts have a hole to put the parts together nicely.
✔️How to open head parts

Shipping date : needs 30~40 working days after payment confirmed(It could be changed depending manufacturing circumstance.)

* Payment: You can pay buy paypal only. (paypal account:
To confirmed your payment, please DM us. (Instagram/Twitter: piposdoll)
* After making payment for your order, cancellation won't be accepted.
* For the characteristics of manual manufacturing, it could have different between each dolls.
* The skin color may slightly look different due to screen resolution or characteristics of manual work.
* For the characteristics of manufacturing, some marblings, gate lines and dusts can appear.(By reason of this, exchange or refund is not possible and please refer to.)
* If it’s possible, had better to avoid that exposure too much time to the sunlight.

PIPOS75 Mars(75 standard type)

Single jointed hand parts(PIPOS75)

SD75 OptionParts No1.Horn parts