Special order1
 Selling Price 260.00
 Point 2.60
 make up
 tail parts
 Beast hand
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PIPOS Specil order

Selling period : September 23rd 2018 ~ October 14th 2018 (payment should be confirmed)(KST)

Shipping date : From November(by orderly)

Payment period : Same as before

Layaway policy : click here! (The order will be automatically canceled if the payment has not confirmed within payment due.)

[Special Order Color]

Mint skin , Caramel skin, Baby Yellow(chou) skin, Cherry Blossom(berry) skin, Moss Green skin, Grey skin, Electric blue skin 


[Doll list] 

R.PI & U.PI : Demon , Charlotte , Derek, Deborah, Williams, Leo, Rosie

JR.PI : Ringo, Rooney, Cheese Mouse, mini Pang, Poni, WAWA